About Beer Tutorials

And don't forget, drink responsibly!
Beer Tutorials

Beer Tutorials is a work-in-progress GitHub organization creating tutorials for web technologies using a nice and refreshing subject: beers.

Why beers? For the last several years, I’ve taught a web-development module in an Engineering School. In 2013 I decided to teach them AngularJS, but I found the official tutorial a bit bland. I wanted to grab the attention of my students, so I decided to make my own tutorial, using a topic that is dear to most college students: beers. And it worked…

So when I decided to make a Polymer tutorial, it seemed natural to keep such a winner, and build a beer collection application based on Polymer. And PolymerBeers was born.

And them some friends began to do their tutorials on beers, and we decided to create this initiative.

If you like our tutorials, please send me a mail. And don’t forget, drink responsibly!